2018 Frontier Social Entrepreneur Fellowship

Multiple Full-time

Are you interested in leading positive social change in a country that you are connected to? Join the Archimedes Project as a Summer 2018 Frontier Social Entrepreneur and examine the water or sanitation market in-country for 12-weeks.

Fellows examine the water and sanitation market, needs and customer attitudes, build local partnerships and may even begin micro-testing business ideas. At the end of this period, the fellows present their findings to the Archimedes Project. Based on demonstrated aptitude during this Fellowship period, Fellows may be selected as an Archimedes Project co-founder. We would then work together to design and launch an enterprise to increase access to clean water or sanitation.

The fellow may receive a stipend of up to $5,000 towards flight and room and board in-country.


Human-centered design requires human-centered research.


Aspiring entrepreneurs start their Archimedes Project experience by spending 12-weeks working in their chosen country as a Frontier Social Entrepreneur Fellow.

Too many social-good projects start without a full understanding of the problem they want to solve and the ecosystem they operate within. To design a social enterprise to sustainably address the clean water and sanitation needs of low-income households, it is essential to understand those needs as well as past and current efforts to meet them.

The fellowship is the first step in our venture building process. The research and relationships developed during the fellowship period lay the foundation for venture development. Following the fellowship, the fellow can become an Archimedes Project entrepreneur and begin the process of developing and launching a venture. 

The fellowship is a truly unique opportunity to learn what it takes to develop a development venture.


Entrepreneur Criteria

An aspiring entrepreneur must be deeply connected to an Archimedes Project priority country and be able to live there and serve as a fellow full-time during the fellowship period. They must meet the Archimedes Project entrepreneur criteria and be interested in co-founding a clean water or sanitation social enterprise with the Archimedes Project.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who has a deep commitment to improving the well-being of a country and believes that clean water and sanitation are key to that. We are looking for leaders who will with us to design, develop and launch the next generation of clean water enterprise that will provide sustainable access while creating jobs. Key characteristics: A strong entrepreneurial spirit, creative intelligence, leadership, and resilience.


Priority Countries



Burkina Faso



Côte d'Ivoire









Myanmar (Burma)





South Africa 







If you are interested in working in a non-listed country, please be sure to indicate the country and why.

Apply for this opening at http://archgrp.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0fdrh?apply=true